Looking for Some Laughter on a Cold Night w/”The Brady Bunch” Skinny Dip

Hard to find much to post of an aquatic nature this time of year. The boats are in dry dock; we didn’t even get out to see the seals. There is a fire in the fireplace and coats and gloves have been pulled out of storage and this memory from the sixties has been pulled out of storage too. Stay Warm!


A Week Away – Lake George

It was almost midnight and as we sat on the dock and looked up a billion stars, one streaked above us. “There’s John,” I waved back. I was visiting my best friend in Lake George, having runaway to her vacation home after a very sad funeral. We weren’t going to go skinny dipping–it was late and I was tired after the long drive, so we dangled our feet in the water.

“It’s too warm not to jump in,” I said and in seconds had dropped my clothes to my feet and was slipping into the water.  My best friend followed. “It is so much better without clothes on,” she said.  The silky texture of the water undulating around our limbs; the weight of breasts being bouyed to the surface; the dips and rises of soft waves nibbling on necks and ear lobes–skinny dipping is like making love only more passive. It’s like the water is making love to me, catering to my body, caressing me all over and not asking for anything in return. It is beyond erotic… it is freeing.

Having A Heat Wave!

I think the world may be having a Hot Flash…I hear China is also having a heat wave and as I sit hear blogging I am sitting in a pool of sweat and about to sit in the pond with my fish–if there’s room! Even the beach it too hot… though the skinny dip last night was COLD and wonderful. Next week, heading to Lake George, NY, to Skinny Dip with friends in Fresh Water. It’s hard to do anything but cool off, right now. Perhaps I’ll go write in the library:P


The SHM CLUB has launched. Of course, Kindle just changed how things work, so they have a larger lead time than they did a few weeks ago and a higher price minimum! So PART II will be larger than PART I and I will divide the book into 5 parts–I hope!–instead of 6, to save my readers money!

That means I have a lot of writing to do!