Horseshoe Crab Full Moon June 2013

*BTW I am off by a few hundred million years. Fossils of early horseshoe crabs have been dated at 450 million years old (not 45!).


Mermaid Hoax but Great Fun

Clearly, this isn’t real. For one thing Torsten Schmidt is in music, not marine geology. Secondly, why are these “scientists” using handheld cameras? These submarines are equipped with underwater cameras.

And what TV station doesn’t have their attribution pasted on the screen but here we have Worldstar Hip Hop, not CNN. The end photoshop footage is terrible of the two guys in a rough sea and give me a break a fish on a spear? But it’s fun and proves a point – we WANT mermaids to exist. What we forget is that they do exist… women are mermaids, at least some of us are;)