About this Mermaid

mermaid heather crop

Seaweed is in Vogue!

So I started to write about my friends and then my friends became characters and then my characters became my friends and… well, that’s the short version...

So stay tuned, subscribe, and take a dip with: Dune, a former dancer, who believes that skinny dipping can heal everyone’s woes, except hers; Chou Chou, a French potter who’s next art show is an installation called “Penises I have known” (public retribution for her serial philanderer of a husband); Deana, an African American cartoonist, whose superhero husband is capable of saving everyone but his wife from their nightmare of a tweenager; Shelly—the Wonder Jew—a writer who avoids writing through various modes of procrastination: Sex, FreeCell, Twitter, buying online wrinkle creams, more sex…, and Lenka (the only mermaid who is under forty and won’t skinny dip) a scientist who studies Horseshoe crabs and is trying to have a baby through IVF.  And finally, the merman who touches their lives briefly but forever, teaching the women of the mermaid club that despite the rough seas of their respective lives, Venus best rises with the help of dear friends.




3 thoughts on “About this Mermaid

  1. Hi Heather
    Just wishing you ‘good luck’ for your new venture – I was sent your blogspot by a certain inspirational Santa Monica singer/songwriter – I hope you know who I mean! If my Feng Shui knowledge and skills can come in useful any time, then ask the questions . . .


  2. LukeJohn says:

    Your website reminds me of a summer’s morning long ago and far away. I was staying at the beach with friends and waking up really early decided to take a walk…

    As I was walking along the sand, I came across one of my friends’ girlfriend coming out of the water. She too had woken up early and had gone for a swim – stark naked. She came up out of the water and walked across the sand towards me in that state without a care in the world.

    She invited me to join her and never being the shy type and enjoying the illicit nature of the event (it was a public beach and although deserted at the time would be busy in an hour or two). I didn’t hesitate and quickly lost my clothes and joined her.

    We cavorted in the waves for nearly an hour, nothing sexual (darn) but fun and nicely naughty all the same. Then went back to our clothes, the house and our partners with the unsaid understanding that if we ever found ourselves in a similar situation and were not in committed relationships then maybe….?

    Well that “maybe…?” never happened and many years have passed but it is still one of my fondest memories ever.


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