What to do on a Rainy Day – Atlantis Marine World!

I love those lovely rainy days that give me a break from the beach and send me into a good book or a long game of Scrabble or pinochle, but if you have company or kids, there are a few other things you can do on rainy days for the more rambunctious in our lives. Atlantis Marine World is a tad expensive for those on a budget but it is worth it. The butterfly room is magical and even in the rain you can spy the otters sleeping in their hole or explore an archeological dig and find fossils.I met a lovely woman and had a long conversation about creativity and fashion–she is a designer. While we spoke, the kids got dusty and kept showing us the things they were excavating.

In the next room was a makeshift mine, where kids can stand by a sluice and find gems and fossils too.  I love watching kids get wet and dirty and find treasures!  On the way out, the hospital and marine rescue has some of the turtles that have been saved or are being rehabbed. (In fact, a great Christmas gift is to give a sponsorship of one of the seal, dolphin or turtle rescues.)

Finally, don’t forget to feed the sting rays!



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