On Haven's Beach in Sag Harbor

On Haven’s Beach in Sag Harbor

First of all – it is NOT hard! If you follow these instructions you too can make a bonfire on a whim. (Whims include: a beautiful night, a beautiful sunset, a full moon, a half moon, a sliver of a moon, a warm breeze from the gulf stream, dolphins off the coast, no reason except no one wants to go inside for a few more hours!)

Most importantly, you have to organize your ability to serve your whims ahead of time, and restock for the next time a whim strikes you. So in order to have a spontaneous bonfire on the beach, I suggest you stock the following items in the trunk of your car:

  • Firewood (some beaches have their own firewood, but I always have a few sticks in my trunk, just in case)
  • Newspaper (to start the fire easily – I often use trash I find too, but hopefully your beaches are clean!)
  • Lighter (lighters work better than matches, esp in the wind and humid salt air)
  • Corkscrew (this should need no explanation)
  • Blankets (this should also need no explanation)
  • A couple of stories in mind
  • Marshmallows (After years of research, we have come to the conclusions that Jet Puffed are BEST!)
  • Graham crackers (you CAN make gluten free s’mores with just the marshmallow and chocolate – good for diets!)
  • Dark Chocolate (adults hide this and give the kids the cheap stuff! I like Lindt 70% with my marshmallows)

Stay tuned for The Art of Making S’mores! (How you toast a marshmallow is a very important skill) and the Art of Having an Easy Cook Out on the Beach.


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