I arrived in Padang Bai, Bali, after 27 hours of travel… actually it was more, but it doesn’t matter because once you know you’re going to heaven, you can take adjust your brain to accept the journey to get there. The worse part, as always, was the food on the plane, but I got some excellent jook in Pudong, Shanghai Airport, on our 5-hour layover there. Of course, my merman got waylaid in Singapore — word to the wise: do NOT try to go to Indonesia with a Passport that is going to expire in less than 6 months. They will NOT let you in! — so I continued to Bali without him. I had a date after all.

 DSCN2023Before I could meet the Mantas though, I had to meet an old friend from New York days, and get over some major jetlag. Of course, having jetlag here was delightful. There were geckos clucking from the ceiling and the tiniest frog on a leaf by the door. In the shower there was a toad hiding in the drain. I was truly in heaven and fell into a deep and solid sleep that lasted till the sun rose.

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