Skinny Dipping on Gili T – Indonesia

It took us 38 hours to get here… Thirty eight!

My partner said, “We’re almost there” when we arrived in Denpassar, Bali, but we had a 3-hour layover. There is not much to do in the Denpassar airport, at least not after you get through customs, so we got foot massages for $5.00 and they were so good and we still had 2 hours to kill, we got full body massages, for $10.00, maybe $15.00. This is defo the way to travel!

On the plane from Denpassar to Lombok we noticed prayer cards in the seat pockets. Yes, you can pray to Allah, Buddha, Jesus and a few others on planes in Indonesia, and just to be safe we did. The planes are really small, but we were almost there!

It took the taxi 1.5 hours to cross the island of Lombok…. We hadn’t had dinner and hardly knew what time it was anymore–having come from the UK. I was starving though and asked the driver to stop at a shop where we got some Indonesian munchies and beers to drink.

“We’re almost there,” my partner said as we got out of the taxi and headed to the dock where there was a motor boat waiting for us. We laughed, “We’re almost there!” It took 50 minutes for the boat to reach Gili T. “We’re here!” Well, sort of. We had to take a horse cart to our Lumbong, another 20 minutes… And we WERE there! First thing I did? Race to the beach take off Ombak Putih-1027all of my clothes and dive in.

Of course, there were men in the trees watching, so I was grateful to have my man nearby watching too. There was a full moon dancing over the sea, a volcanic peak in the distance and the Southern Cross over my head. I floated in a hemisphere I had never been to and let the hours of travel seep into the sea.

We slept that night in our lumbong off Lombok, and woke in the morning to find banana pancakes and coffee waiting for us on our balcony.


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