Sunshine Dipping

3 naps in 4 hours! The sea today looked almost as teal as the Costa Brava, all that was missing were the umbrella stands and the portable bars and the Greek and Roman ruins of L’escala. I am hungry for Spain. It is the locusts humming in the trees outside and the baking hot sun that spikes my hunger and to alleviate it and fool myself into thinking I was on the Mediterranean, I slipped my top off and skinny dipped in the sunshine. In between naps, I skinny dipped in the sea to cool off and refresh.

Because I was deep into my fantasy of Spain, it was strange to see so many people clothed on the beach.  Even my merman had on those long baggy swim trunks that you never find on European beaches. And the middle aged women were all wearing skirt bathing suits to hide their thighs, as if their bodies are not wonderful just as they are. This is just a simply meditation on body image–why do we hide ourselves? Is it modesty or something worse–shame?


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