Barcelona Point

It even felt like Barcelona. At one end of the cove was a tri-haul Cat. On the beach was a couple hiding in the dunes. And we were they, mermaids and mermen, popping our prosecco and devouring the best mozzarella outside of Italy with fresh tomatoes and just picked basil from my garden. The water was gorgeous, much better in the sun warmed cove than it has been on the ocean side, where proof that the glaciers are melting is in the water! Brrrr!

There were little jellyfish, the non-stinging variety, blooming in the warm water. And bits of sea grass floating along the surface, so swimming felt truly organic and fresh. None of that chlorinated boredom for me! It was a two dip day, diving off the pro of Chou Chou’s Boston Whaler in my birthday suit. Ah! My merman practically swam to shore, and I pursued. He did a few flips under water, dongles dangling.

Babs-the kitty cat of the crew-slipped into the water with her blonde mane secured to the top of her head. I have never seen her hair wet! Chou Chou and I tread water and chatted about art and love and whether or not I was peeing. “You would move down tide from me, if you were, wouldn’t you?” she asked. I smiled. It was one of those perfect days–wisps of clouds above our heads and a breeze that cooled and dried our skin.


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