Well, this mermaid went swimming anyway, but I kept my shorts on! It was cloudy and choppy but so cool. We were going to go to a pool, but the thought of bouncing between walls made me feel crazy. I wanted to swim with seaweed in my hair and tickling my back. So I did!

I wore my rash shirt on to keep me warm–I love that thing! We stuck to the bay since the ocean was too tempestuous and once we dove into the water it and whooped a little at the shock of it, it was lovely. Petosky stone like Clouds dotted the bit of sky that snuck in between the thunderstorms, crossing our island yesterday.  After a long frolic in the waves and some serious crawl, down the shoreline, I swam out to play with the merdog, who was equally delighted to be out of his thunder hole for a few hours. The wind dried us off as we lay in the sand by a broken bit of beach fence, then headed home for afternoon tea and the next storm!

Today, Merman, merdog and maid are heading up to Woodstock to visit the first Sag Harbor Mermaid, who taught me to enjoy swimming through forests of seaweed and not get creeped out. We started in Trout Pond, a favorite swimming hole, where in days past we used to wash our hair. It is still clean enough to do that, but I wouldn’t dare since it isn’t sustainable. In those days, who knew?Anyway, today I hope to dive into a cold reservoir and perk myself up!



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