Let the Skinny Dipping Begin!

It is early for this kind of heatwave but you can’t argue with mother nature, so we canceled working for the afternoon and went out on the boat for our siesta. It only took fifteen minutes in the sea breeze to feel the sweat dry and no one was in the cove where we usually anchor. There were lobster pot buoys along the shoreline and sea birds feeding their young, while we lay back and dozed in the sun until I simply couldn’t wait any longer and had to dump my clothes and slide into ocean cold water–chill as ice and as delightful on this summer day.

Painting by Ken Westhaver

My merman dove off the bow, his tackle bobbing through the air as he plunged into the green sea, surfaced and then did a backflip–show off. CC felt too shy to skinny dip–we are the muffin top club after this past winter, when blubber seemed the only way to keep warm. I am back to yoga class though and already trimming back down to my svelte mermaid size 8. We swam and swam, until the current brought some jellyfish our way and we scampered aboard to avoid tentacles. It is early for nettles and early for this kind of heat–anyone else thinking climate change? At least we have a boat–and there was a nice white Bordeaux chilling in the cooler to top off the afternoon with a toast to good friends, the start of summer and many more blogs to dip into!

Check out this fab artist, Ken Westhaver too!



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