SUMMER 2011 C’est La!

Yesterday afternoon we slipped down to the bay for a swim. It was hot, esp for June, and my Merman and I were cranky from work. There was an offshore breeze that dried the sweat as we headed over to the marsh. A nervous Oyster Catcher kept an eye on us but we stayed away from the nesting areas. The dog ran ahead digging in the sand and stretching in the shallows.
It was low tide. A couple was already in place fishing for dinner, we were didn’t wear our birthday suits, but the water was warm coming out of the bay. I swam along the coast, while the dog ran on the beach. My bikini kept catching in the current and slipping off my breasts and hips.
As I swam back to shore the dog bounced into the shallows to greet me then dashed back to shore. When I stood up I was about ankle deep!
We had come down without any cash and stopped by the fish store to see if they would give us some tuna ends and we’d come back and pay tomorrow. Everyone laughed, as we were wet and hungry and they couldn’t believe we’d been swimming. We are well known at the fish store, so they gave us dinner and we went home to dine on seared tuna and verdejo wine. End of a perfect mermaid tale.


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