Every Thursday night there is a fireworks display on Lake George. We kayaked out around tea island, so we could see them with the kids swimming along side. The water reflected the colors in the sky and the shadows of tiny heads bobbing by the kayaks in front of me–young mermen, visiting our vessels? The boys swam back to shore and went in to warm up, while the young adults and old adults giggled beneath towels trying to undress.

The old time skinny dippers–your truly–had her suit off and was in the water in seconds. No sense in covering up with a towel. It just gets in the way, but modesty is more attractive in the young. For some of our group it was the first time since diapers to swim naked. There was laughter and gallivanting about as we bobbed in the dark or murmured as softly like the ripples of the lake on shore. Stories of skinny dips–first and funniest made their way around our group as we tread water or floated and gazed up at a heaven full of stars.

My heart was full of love for these dear friends, one whom I have known since he was 5 weeks old, now a buff young man with a gorgeous girl friend floating next to him. They are a new generation of skinny dippers embraced the best of summer and their lives–memories made.


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