Hazy, Hot and Humid

The sea roils this morning. Surfers race to the top of the dunes and look out at breakers, far too intimidating for even a mermaid to fathom. The break is shifting though, close to shore and far enough out to catch one. A top the dredged dunes, a cage to protect the Piping Plovers has blown over in the offshore wind or perhaps it has been vandalized.

It is a quick walk and no dip this morning. The dog rolls in the sand to cool off and then we are back to the house for a cold shower and to sit by the pond and write this. I dangle my limbs into the cool water and let the fish nibble on my feet. The sun is beginning to speckle the table and marbling the yard with a thin light that might promise rain, if we are lucky, but could simply mean more of this heat and a sea that is not welcoming to anyone without a board to take it on.


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