Went swimming in the fog. Magical. My boyfriend and I stripped down to our skivvies and dove in. The tide was going out so the waves for pretty low.  It was fresh and cold and felt great after cleaning the house–someone’s got to do it!

I was about to get out and a dog walker came by, so I waved and waited for him to disappear in the mist. Of course, by the time my dog and his dog had finished wagging tails and peeing on bits of sand, the waves had picked up. I thought I would walk out, and tried. Oops!

It wasn’t a big wave. It was in front of me and I was walking behind it, but it flipped me like a Ninja and I went flailing into the surf. Got a beach load of sand in my hair and other places.  Haven’t gotten boiled in years–at least it was too foggy for anyone to see me. Including my boyfriend who was still playing in the waves like Poseidon, laughing.


One thought on “BOILED!

  1. Syncopation says:

    So sorry you got tossed by a wave. It can be so scary until it spits you out. I am glad you are okay. I went down to the beach today and the waves were coming in so close, they carved a little cliff into the sand. I sat on the strange right angle in the sand and watched the waves. Then as I decided to get my feet wet, the sand gave way and I slid down, which was fun, then I was surprised that the water was not icy cold.

    My guests did not want to try to get their feet wet. I may have to take them to the bay side of Fire Island, where it is calm and the water is warm. It was not a mermaid day for us, but it was a beginning.


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