Favorite Ocean Beach – No one is EVER there:)

First things first. After a hot steamy night under the fan I woke up knowing that my first act of the day was to get to the beach with my merman and dive into the ocean. By 8am we were there and pleased to find no one else, but some dog walkers.  So after my dog greeted their dog, we headed in  opposite directions, so they could have some privacy. LOL!

We stripped our clothes off as we strode down the sand to find that perfect spot. The dog ran ahead, throwing himself down on the sand and rolling around. I ran in ahead of S. COLD! I screamed and “whooped” and laughed. We lasted just a few minutes before S said, “I hear my shin bones shattering from the cold.” So we ran out.

The breeze was soft and pliable. We pressed our bodies together and kissed, then walked aways along the surf edge. Naked. Simply naked. No one was around by that point and for a miles in either direction we were alone in the world–if only we didn’t have to go home and work!

If everyone took a few minutes every day to just be naked in nature, I think we would all be happier. Nothing to hide. Nothing to judge or worry about. Just bliss.


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