Sag Harbor Bay and a secret swimming hole

Hot as July today.

Last week it was too cold to swim without a wet suit on and today it is too hot to wear anything at all!

Today, the water was so bouyent that I felt like I was falling into the sky as I floated on my back and looked upward into heaven. My boyfriend was hanging onto the anchor and looked like Poseidon rising up out of the sea, sans trident or beard, but mythic nonetheless. There are only two men, the girls allow to come out on the boat with us. What’s a mermaid without a merman  or two around?

We found a little cove where there was tons of embryo fish floating through the water and jellyfish, mostly the non-stinging variety, were sailing by.  Beautiful clear bobbles with neon blue lines, a bit like this, only less blue:

I remember swimming through a school of these jellyfish and feeling like I was swimming through the milky way–they had little white lights in them, like stars.

To top off the day’s water festivities, we stopped at a freshwater pond on the way home and washed the salt from our skins. I have a wonderful memory of this pond that I will have to share on this blog sometime–perhaps on a rainy day when there is no skinny dipping, though I do love to swim in the rain, as well. What mermaid doesn’t?


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