SO TIRED but What a Beautiful Night!

After cooking breakfast for everyone who slept out on the beach last night–feta cheese omelets with fresh tarragon from my garden!–I crawled into the hammock and fell asleep. When I woke I was still groggy, so I did a few mundane things around the house and then went down to the bay beach, where I had a swim (avec bathing suit).  Good thing too! There were nettles in the water. Fortunately, they were small, but I still got stung a few times because the tide was coming in and suddenly I was surrounded by them. Not a good place for a mermaid to be!

I skedaddled out of the there, though I can’t walk on water! Must pack some meat tenderizer in the beach bag. It’s early for the stinging jellyfish. In fact, everything is early this year. The beach was covered with tiny little round jellies that usually don’t arrive until August! I heard Peconic Bay is full of nettles as early as last week too, and they don’t usually come in force until August.

Anyway, after my swim I fell asleep on the beach and woke to water lapping around my feet. The dog was asleep under his umbrella, enjoying the cool water logged sand. It was so hot that neither of us wanted to move and we kept napping until my towel started to get wet and I woke up refreshed! What beautiful way to spend the longest day of our year.


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