Sunset on Solstice Eve

Three a.m. I mean why the hell not?

We were sleeping out under the stars on Shinnecock Bay because it was Solstice. It was SO warm. After last week, that was really nice because I didn’t get to go swimming again last week. The wind changed and the water got really cold, foot numbing cold, I mean.

Anyway, I woke at three a.m. I tend to wake at 3am now and for women of a certain age, you understand why. Yes, I was sweating–burning up inside. I lay on my yoga mat and wondered if I would wake anyone if I got up. Like a good girl, I didn’t want to wake anyone. Then a meteor blazed across the Milky Way and I thought, I’m an adult; I can get up if I want to! Besides, I was hot as hell and wanted to cool off.  I needed to pee too. Why do women always think they need a bathroom, while men just find a bush and unzip? I crouched in a sandy spot, not too close to the water. There was a slight breeze but it was still warm, so I slipped off my shirt as well as my jeans and slipped into the bay.

It was low tide and the bay gets very shallow at low tide, so this was truly a skinny dip. But the moon was bright on the water, a path of light so solid my spirit could walk upon it. Across the bay were the lights of my town and behind me was the tree lined shore of the Shinnecock Reservation. They just received federal recognition and I imagine there was a very similar solstice celebration on the res last night.

So my second skinny dip of the season was in the bathwater of the bay in the middle of the night on the longest day of the year, just before the sun rose and bathed us all. Magical.


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